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How it started…

Without a doubt, there’s this hole in the market for middle-income folks who are making major purchase decisions often siloed from all the other things swirling around in their financial lives.  Sadly, the majority of professional financial advisors are focused on retirement planning and investments especially for the high-wealth individuals.  After all, this is where they can make the most money – who can blame them?

Unfortunately, that leaves a large number of us turning to online, narrowly focused calculators – think about the last time you googled “how much [house, car, vacation, etc.] can I afford?”.  Or if we’re super ambitious perhaps we found a spreadsheet template online or created our own.

The everyday choices are easy to justify in the moment, but all those strokes can add up to paint the picture of a very different financial future than we ever intended.

The fact is that, traditional financial plans are expensive and advisors are often motivated to talk to you about life insurance and mutual funds.  The MyLife Timeline is a FREE tool that gives you the power to see for yourself how things are going and discover a better path forward that fits your life.

MyLife Philosophy…

Our goal is to give you better transparency into your personal finances.  We want to help you truly understand where you are financially today as it relates to your future, stability, and goals.  Then we can help you discover how the decisions you plan to make along the way will affect you for better or worse.  You can use this transparency and understanding to make more informed decisions and plan in confidence.

Simply put:

We’ll give you the freedom (and the tools) to understand your financial stability. Experiment, simulate, and discover faster paths to a better financial future.

About us

Trey Poteet

Trey Poteet


I had a burning sense that I was not making the right financial decisions for myself and soon to be wife. Although I was making good money at an engineering firm and could cover my day to day cost, I still felt like there was something missing. Although financial advisors can answer these questions, I did not want to go talk to an advisor and wanted to figure it out for myself, not to mention they can be very expensive or pressure you to purchase additional products. Like many I’ve talked to, I built a spreadsheet trying to answer my questions.

Over some time the spreadsheet grew and I began to share it to my friends who needed help answering the same questions, until one day it became too large and complex, I knew it needed to be software application. Also I realized I needed to share this with people in my same situation.

This is how Mylife Timeline was born.

Tyler Cobb

Tyler Cobb


Even at a relatively young age, I‘ve already gotten a taste of the unpredictable nature of life. I rapidly climbed the corporate ladder and loved the luxuries my success afforded me. Only to find myself laid off not once, but twice by the time I turned 30. I wasn’t even close to being ready for the first one, and really no better prepared for the second.

I thought surely that could never happen to me - I went from keeping up with the Joneses to digging myself into incredible debt to bridge the painfully long stretches between jobs. And there was absolutely NO reason I should have struggled that hard. With a little awareness of the knife’s edge I was riding and some quantifiable priorities, I could have set myself up to weather all of that and not forced to make tough financial decisions that would set back my finances a full decade.

Right around this time, Trey brought me a vision and a spreadsheet for this concept of a new financial wellness index. It struck me to the core on how a tool like this could have shaped a completely different narrative for my life. Ever since, I’ve been obsessed with making something incredibly powerful and beautifully simple for all the others who could learn and discover a better, safer future for themselves.

This is how MyLife Timeline has grown.