To some of you reading this, we’re about to rock your world, because most of us have become so jaded to the financial planning/advising industry.

To others, this is exactly what you have come to expect from the Information Age.

Knowledge is freedom.

It should be freely shared.

That’s why the MyLife Timeline app is absolutely FREE to every household.

…but… you guys are a business, what’s the catch?

Good!  You should always ask. Full transparency, we’re following a proven business model inspired by companies like Mint that we feel good using as fellow consumers.

User experience first, value-added service matching second.  It’s our job to provide a ridiculously useful tool that you get value from every time you use it.

Then through deep research and screening, we’ll serve up only the things we think will actually enhance your life.

What does that mean in real-talk?  Well, quite simply, if you’re getting by with only a few bucks to spare each month, have some costly credit card debts, and no dependents relying on your income, we’re sure as crap not going to recommend life insurance.

However, what we might do is go out and find the best low-interest rate credit card with a 0% balance transfer for 18 months that could dramatically cut your interest payments and help you pay down those debts faster, moving you toward a more stable financial state.

Now, if you say that you’re planning to buy a home later this year, then we might hide that recommendation for now since opening a new credit card could temporarily impact your credit rating and reduce the chance of a favorable interest rate on your home loan.

That’s what we mean by “value-added”.  Focused on raising awareness of beneficial options, saving you research time, and actually help improve your life.

That’s our responsibility as decent human beings and at the core of our entire philosophy here at MyLife.